# Jim Carey's First Check

Did you know that when Jim Carrey was young he was starting his career he wrote himself a $10 million dollar check to represent what he would earn from a movie one day? And he has since done that and more. Jim Carrey saw his success in advanced and believed, that is, had the faith to believe that he could achieve his goal.

With your goals, do you know why you've given up on your past goals that you did not achieve? Why have you not achieved them? It's one, or a combination of these factors:

You've not had the right beliefs (or patterns in your brain).
You've not had the right habits.
You've not had the right thoughts.
You've not had the right frequency.
You've not had the absolute faith and belief that you can achieve it.
You've not had the right skills or strategies.

If just one of these areas is not in place, you will find success difficult if not impossible. What are your highest impact areas? What are the most effective things you do? Everyone generally does the best they can do with what they've got at any given time-at least in the current state they are in.

You have to be totally committed to what you're doing, the thoughts you're thinking and what you're focusing on. Build the good habits and visualize the success you want as if you already achieved it. This is just like what Jim Carrey did.

Visualize your success: feel what it will feel like when the success happens. Focus on it, dwell on it, think about it, concentrate on it. Don't just picture yourself as successful, try to imagine the feelings and emotions that will come with it, such as happiness and security. Wow. You are creating patterns in your brain that will help direct you towards the people, situations and events that will help you realize your goal.

Make It Happen... If you have a cell phone (of course you do) you can use it to help you visualize your success. Most phones will allow you to program in appointments on an on-going basis. If you phone allows you to do this, why not set an appointment (or two) each day to remind you to focus on what you want, instead of what you don't want; to feel the feelings behind the achievement of your most important goals. You'll enjoy this.

By: Stephen Pierce