# Be a Good Listener

Everybody wants to be heard. Sometimes, however, it's more important to just be quiet and listen. No one likes to be around someone who only talks about themselves and who won't ever take time out to hear what someone else has to say. So how to be a good listener. Here are simple tips.

Do not interrupt
This is very rude and inconsiderate if someone else is talking and you interrupt them. Your opinion is not the only opinion in the world. Be quiet and listen!

Don't give advice
Don't give advice unless it is asked for. Most people don't want advice, they just want someone who cares to listen to them.

Keep eye contact
Maintain good eye contact meant you are showing sympathize and empathize. If they are talking about something and you listen with sympathize and empathize, that's weighing heavy on their mind.

Use comforting and consoling positive words to respond if needed. Avoid saying, "I understand" unless you've been in their situation before. This shows them you are listening and really interested in what they are saying.


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