# Power of Peace

So many people are calling, praying and demanding peace upon our beloved planet right now. Let us all be reminded that true peace is found when we are at peace within. Be at peace and you create a world of peace. Do not just pray for peace, become peace itself.

Take the time to find the natural peace that resides within and you add to the real feeling of peace to everyone and everything around you. Let go of your fears and doubts and that of others. Be extremely discerning in what you focus your attention upon right now and question the messages and reflections. If it is loving, expand it. If it is less than loving, critical or in any way invokes hatred, fear or anger, release it and return to peace.

It is an amazing time and many would like to make you think that doom and despair, fear and attack, are waiting around every corner. Don't believe it. Create your own pictures of reality and fill them with peace and love. Walk in joy and harmony and know that all is well.

You can add your energy to this vision by contemplating peace and tapping into the higher desire for peace at any moment. This is especially helpful when you choose a particular time each day (for example 9 p.m.) to feel and think about peace for a few minutes, building a sustainable rhythm and habit.

Source: thelovefondation.com