# Changing Your Perception and You are Changing Your Life

According to dictionary.com, perception is immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition.

In this life, there is no reality, only perception. I've heard it said that if you want to change your life then you have to change the way you perceive life. For example, if ten of us are eyewitnesses to an automobile accident and we are ask to recall the details, there would ten slightly different versions of what happened. What we "see" depends on what filters we have operating in our lives.

Consider a time in history before Christopher Columbus discovered America. The world was thought to be flat. It was believed that travel was a dangerous thing. If one ventured too far one would drop off the edge of the world. Columbus discovered the world was not flat but round. A paradigm shift occurred. The world did not change, perception did. Change perception and everything else changes too.

When a paradigm shift occurs our thinking is expanded and thoughts are included that we once believed were
impossible or didn't exist. Our horizons are expanded.

Assuming the above is true I would like to venture forth a premise: "The limitations we experience in life are of our own making." What if the world of the "inner self" holds the potential to nurture, to delight, to create, to be compassionate and loving, to reveal truth, to give you all the blessings life has to offer? What if the only thing which holds us back is our own thinking and perceptions? Powerful thought...huh? This paradigm shift won't allow us to be a victim but will demand that we take charge of our lives! Change your perceptions and you can change your life!

Human power lies in the capacity to choose. Unfortunately, the cultures we grow up in, by and large, do not teach us how to take true life affirming choices. Instead we are taught not to "rock the boat" and to follow the status quo. We are trained to follow the rules. As we grow up and buy into these ways of thinking then more and more of what constitutes the true essence of who and what we are gets erased.

Everyday I see more and more people who are getting erased because they are buying into the idea that other people, people in "authority" know better about how they should think and live. You see, when we fail to make life affirming choices we actually give our power away to others!

Take back your power! Stop depending on someone else's so-called intelligence and follow your own inner wisdom! Trust your own ability to navigate life based on your own inner truth!

We are not helpless as so many of us believe. We are strong spiritual beings with the power to choose our own destinies! We are people of dignity, power and courage, but only if we choose to be.

The power to become who I am meant to be lies, not outside of me, but inside of myself. This power can only be exercised by me. I can choose to give it away or I can choose to harness it to its full potential.

You have a choice. How will you choose?