# Control the situation

The power of positive thinking is undeniable. Every once in a while, everyone becomes distracted, unfocused, and disheartened, especially when it seems that nothing is going your way. Now, I could let My mood and the events around me dictate how my respond and make a seemingly bad day worse, or I could harness the power of positive thinking and demand that the negative emotions I'm experiencing relinquish control over my life.

It is much easier to tell someone that thinking positive will help in a less than ideal situation than it is to actually get that individual to believe and cooperate. There have been times in my life, and maybe some of your lives too, when I did not know where the next meal was coming from or if I would return home to a cold dark house, because I could not afford the utility bill. There are far more people just barely "making it" than we would like to believe, and this is why we should practice positive thinking on a daily basis. It is about controlling your situation instead of allowing your situation to control you. When we implement a routine of daily positive thinking in our lives, we enable ourselves to mentally rise above our immediate situations. This is the first step towards actually unleashing the power of positive thought in our lives.

Once my subconscious mind becomes receptive to the practice of daily positive thinking (and believe it, there will be some resistance at first), I become more fully able to accept that Im worthy of better in life and begin to attract more positive outcomes than negative in my day to day living.

If it is difficult for me at first to allow the power of positive thinking in my life, start small. After all, I have to crawl before I can walk. Make a conscious effort to search out and look for the positive in every situation. Sometimes, depending on the situation, this may be darn near impossible, but try anyway.

Make a habit of stopping to reflect on all the positive things that happen in my life daily. It may even be a good idea to keep a journal; so that whenever Im feeling down, I can pick up my journal, read it, and reflect on the positive thoughts that I have written. Remember, it all starts with just one small step.