# Developing a Positive Attitude through Declarations

People who have great positive attitudes believe in themselves. They are able to focus on opportunities not obstacles, and are persistent in finding solutions to challenges. In order to develop a more positive attitude, one needs to start by having an open mind to change. You must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone for awhile in order to grow. How could anyone expect to create positive change in his or her life if they keep doing the same non-supportive behavior over and over again? This is a perfect example of insanity at work.

Life is all about choices, whether they be good or bad. Now is the time to take full responsibility for your thoughts and behavior; stop making excuses or justifying your actions. If you truly desire transforming your life for the better, then you must give yourself permission to attract more abundance, prosperity and joy into your life. Developing positive, supportive habits through declarations will dramatically change your lifestyle and move you closer to achieving your dreams and being more successful in all aspects of your life.

Declarations/Affirmations are one tool that you can use to change your non-supporting, limiting beliefs and improve your attitude. Simply put, a declaration is a verbal statement of intention to either be or do something. To be the most effective, a declaration needs to be a positive affirmation stated aloud in a formal manner with physical actions. The more senses that you can engage in the process, the easier it will be to create permanent, positive change. As silly as this may sound, stand in front of a mirror to jest and smile as you make your declarations. Have some fun changing your mindset.

To experience true success, in all of its senses, you need a rich, meaningful, balance between your spiritual life, your relationships with family, friends and colleagues, your understanding of the world around you, your physical and mental health, and your finances and career. It is obvious that in order to achieve greater success in all aspects of your life you need to develop a list of declarations that will address each fundamental area. The following twelve declarations are designed to not only help you reach your full potential, but also to add value to other people’s lives. They enable you to pursue your higher purpose in life of making a positive difference in this world through your unique talents, skills and gifts.

1. I am richly blessed every day since my life purpose is aligned with God’s higher purpose for me.

2. I deserve to have more abundance and prosperity in my life because I add value to other’s lives.

3. I am truly grateful for all of the people, experiences and opportunities that have come into my life.

4. My legacy is my unconditional love for others.

5. I spend quality time and use effective communication in nurturing my core relationships.

6. I attract the ideal people into my life who support my efforts.

7. I am open to constantly learning and improving my mental capacity.

8. My healthy lifestyle gives me optimal physical well-being.

9. My total success attitude guides my actions to produce the results that allow me to reach my full potential.

10. I choose to create the beliefs and attitudes that support my dreams.

11. My multiple streams of income allow me to be financially free.

12. I constantly seek lucrative opportunities to leverage both my time and money.

Practice these declarations twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once at night, for the next couple of months. You will be amazed at how effective this technique is in transforming your beliefs and attitudes.

As a final note, live your life to the fullest in joy and gratitude one day at a time. Focus on the present and what you can change for the better in the moment. Keep in mind that life should be fun. Here’s to your on-going success.

By: Randall Stewart