#The Difference Between Believing And Knowing

One aspect to achieving a goal, is a measure of whether you believe it will happen or not. But, what if you take that BELIEF to another level altogether, which can ultimately produce much faster results, because all the things that you are going to need to help you attain your goal, are ready in line at the time you need them. For this you need to take your BELIEF to the level of KNOWING.

KNOWING that something will be there when you put your hand out to reach it is a powerful energy to work with.

To help understand the subtleties between believing and knowing - compare the difference between knowing it was sunny yesterday and believing it will be sunny tomorrow. If you live in a warm, dry, arid climate, then the expectation of a continuance of sun is probably much stronger than if you live somewhere with high rainfall. Pre-disposition based on past events has already set your expectation and your level of BELIEF. Just as in your own personal life, how you have been in the past, colors your expectations about what will occur in the future.

Consider, though, that in both cases, there is the same image in your brain of a sunny day, with the only difference being one of time. What evidence do you really have that it actually was sunny yesterday - did you experience it in order for it to be in your memory? Did someone tell you it was sunny? The newspaper corroborates your view perhaps? Although, it could be that you just dreamed or imagined it was sunny, or what you experienced, no one else did - say the clouds skirted around your house and the sun shone on you all day, but your neighbours got rain. We tend to believe things more strongly when they are in the past than the future, citing various other evidence to corroborate what we believe.

If you can transfer that same sense of knowing that you have about the past, on to what you believe for the future, then you will almost certainly bring about the desired outcome. And, of course the more people who also believe the same thing, the more that belief is reinforced - just as someone else in the same place experiencing a sunny day reinforces your own view that it was sunny yesterday.

I know how effective this can be from my own experience of emigrating to another country - it took me just 2 months from making the committed decision. That was the first step - commitment to my decision - I KNEW that I was going. I KNEW that whatever I needed would be available to me to make it happen. I arranged my visa, set a date, booked my ticket, worked out a plan of action and then set about selling my house, car, furniture, everything barring personal items - all while continuing a full time job. Plenty of people told me I couldn't do it - and yes it was hard work - but I KNEW differently and KNEW that I could achieve it. And I did.

The difference for me was not just that I believed it could be done, but that I KNEW it could be done.

Author by:
Julie Hargreaves
Life coach and author of many self development articles and guides available at Julie Hargreaves - life coach and author of many self development articles and guides available at Here