# "KEY" for 7 self confidence attitude tips

Many tips from book, seminar or article to change our focus or to motivate us becoming self confidence. But the fact is all the tips useless when we face the real situation. I realize that the tips didnt enough. I need a key to make the tips usefull and the key is in my own hand. The tips wasnt the key. So i started to combined the key with it. Here they are:

1) No matter how I feel at this very moment, make and feel myself in the situation I want to be in. I really have to see it in my mind eye being successful. In each situation imagine how it feels to be in that situation and hold those thoughts and feelings in my mind for as long as I can.
2) If at anytime I find a negative thought creeping in to my mind, and let's face it, it will happen. Deliberately and consciously let go of that negative thought and immediately, I put a positive thought into my mind. Change the focus.. its not easy for the 1st time … but I have to make it become my habit. 

3) When faced with a problem, start to overcome it by first concentrating on what qualities or positives I do has at my disposal. I have to face it. The problem is not important enough than my entire whole life. I really meant it. This will immediately take my focus off the negative thoughts of the problem and onto my own positive abilities.
4) Do not give any problem or negative situation anymore credit than it deserves. Do not build the problem up in my mind. Say it “Get loss all the problem !!” Sometimes we build up a problem into a much greater thing than it really is through our fear of failure and worry. Realise the world will not stop spinning if I don't solve the problem straight-away, it may also pay to write the problem down so I can see it for what it actually is...not what I have built it up to be.
5) Find and develop my own set of affirmations that I can use and repeat to myself at times when Im feeling particularly low like “Never Give Up !!”. Repeating positive phrases with emotion can help change a negative thought pattern to a positive one.
6) I Have to take a long hard look at my abilities and skills, assess them and their strength. Once I have done this raise my estimation. After all the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts and it is important to develop a healthy belief in myself.
7) With Any sort of religous belief then relax and remember the power of the God that I believe in is all around. Allow his power to flow through my freely and raise myself confidence through Him. If God is for me who can possibly defeat me?

Other motivation, development books just a tools. I have to believe. Just me could boost myself to react to what had happen to my life. Its all depend on me. Not the tips.