# Integrity


There was a Well-known locksmith who wished to transfer his highest teaching to his two diciples Both of them possessed the same knowledge and skills. They could open any padlock in any situation. However the highest technique could only be taught to one of them. To see who should learn it, the locksmith held a test for both of them.

The test is to unlock a same kind of box at the different room. So at the same times the deciples move to the room and start their test. After some time the first deciples come out . He seemed to have done his job.

The locksmith directly asked, “Good, I think you have done it well, So whats in the box?” confidently he answered, “There are a lot of gold bars and coins inside that box.” The locksmith just smile for the answer.

And now the second deciple come out to see them. “You have did it too, didn`t you? So what did you see inside that?” asked the locksmith. Knowing his friend was faster, he answer slowly , “I just unlocked it and came out, I neither opened it to show the content.”

The locksmith came to the second deciples with the big smile and said, “You are the winner from this test.” The first one surprise. “Im the faster one to did that, I should be the winner.” shouted the first one with full of disappointment. The locksmith smiled wisely and explained, “My dear student, we are locksmiths, and to unlock all keysis our job. We must help others whose keys are gone or lost. Just that our duty. If we want to know what is behind the key, we have broken our ethics. Do you both understand?”
“No matter what our profession is we must uphold professional codes of ethics and moralities. A master key could be a thief without moral and codes of ethics. Do you both understand?” The first deciples understand and glad that he had learn something really important in his life.