# Facts of Helpless

Short Story:

"An experiment was carried out on a number of dogs by subjecting them to electric shocks while providing them with a switch that they can use to stop the electric current from flowing into their bodies. For a few of the test animals, the switch were disabled so as not to turn off even when pushed. After the experiment, some of the dogs who weren’t able to stop the electric current developed symptoms that are similar to clinical depression; or to put it in another way: these dogs learned how to be helpless."

After read the short story above, here are a few question to ask. Have we ever tried to notice how a small child tries over and over to do the same thing without getting bored? Have we ever met a person who can’t walk now because, as a kid, he gave up on trying to stand up and walk after a few unsuccessful tries? Of course not! Why don’t these kids stop trying and why do adults stop? Because through their life's experience, some adults tend to develop a new ability: the ability to feel helpless!! And it is so sorry to said that the ability to feel helpless is a strong ability to be failed.

“The more you quit, the more you will record new failures in your history and the more likely you will learn how to become helpless. Then you are truly had failed in your life.”

I have to notice myself. This is my life. I don’t want to let it fool me. And I don’t learn how to become helpless because failed once or twice. Whatever the situation I am facing, I’ll tried to force my way out without feeling helpless, and whenever I feel like giving up and conceding defeat, I just remind myself with the short story about the experiment. Helplessness is learned and that it’s not something that I was born with. I will remember that helplessness was learned by practicing it. So I can unlearn it by not practicing it.