# Big and Small Wave

It was told that in the middle of the big vast ocean, a big wave was rolling up with its thunder voice, seemed to enjoy its power as if showing off its big and majestic self. While far away behind the big wave, there was a small wave trying hard to catch up. It looked so weak, wobbly, and helpless and then left far behind. Finally, the little wave could only give up and just follow wherever the big wave went. In its mind, there was always a question of why it was weaker and helpless.

One day the little wave approached the big wave to pour its heart out and it asked, “Hey there big wave… Wait ...!” The big wave could only hear the cry softly. Then he slowed down and turned around to search where the voice came from. “what’s up my little friend?” The big wave asked with its might voice.

“Hi, could you please just lower your voice? Listen to me, how come that you can turn out to be so big? So powerful, so mighty, huge and strong? While me... uh… so small, weak, helpless. What actually makes us so different?”

The big wave answered, “My friend, you yourself think you are so small and so helpless, while on the other hand, you think that I am so big and remarkable. This kind of opinion arises in you due to your lack of knowledge regarding your own true self.” “My true self? If I am not a small wave, then who am I?” “Please explain it to me, I am even more puzzled and don’t understand.”

The big wave continued, “It is true that it seems there are difference between us, but actually our true selves are the same, neither you are a small wave, nor am I a big wave. Big and small wave are are only our temporary nature. Our true essence or core is the same, we are water. If you understand that we are both just water, then you will not suffer anymore, you are water, anytime you can enjoy being a big and powerful wave just like me, strong, tough and brave.”

Listening to the wise word from the big wave suddenly a new spark of understanding appeared within the small wave, “Yeah… it’s true, I am not a small wave. My true self is water, I don’t need to feel so disheartened and suffered.”

And from then on, the little wave realized and found its true powerful potential. With its diligence and persistence, it managed to find ways to make itself big, strong and powerful, just as its old friend whom he regarded as the ‘big’ wave. Finally, both of them lived side by side harmoniously. Sometimes, they took turns who was being mighty and who was being mild. Sometimes one was stronger than the other and vice versa. There they enjoyed the cycle of life meaningfully and consciously.

As human beings, we are often trapped in confusion due to the difficult situations that we are at, which actually is just the stepping or learning curves of life. Most of the times we judge them as fate and thus such myths appear: I am not lucky, my destiny is to poor, I am a failure, and at worse cases they consider that kind of condition as God’s unfairness.

By understanding that our true selves are human beings, there is no reason at all for us to feel small and unworthy compared with others. Because in fact, success, prosperity, and happiness do not exclusively belong to certain people. If others can succeed, then we can succeed too!!! The revelation and understanding regarding our true nature once, we will have leverage and life spirit as the big wave in the ocean. Ready to face all challenges with a healthy optimistic mentality, and develop our potentials the best we can to reach the success we are all entitled for.

“Our true selves are human beings!
There is no reason why we should feel either smaller or less significant than others.”