# 2 Very Basic Rules of People Relationships

We see lots of people living inharmony and unhappy just because they can't keep relationships well. They can be high payee professional, government crew and so on. Deeply inside, they always asking, what’s the problem? What’s wrong with us? Why I can live life with a good relationship. What's the matter?

In expert way we've heard something called 'people skill'. So what is that? No need to confuse about the definition. You could google it later. Just try to understand and receive that this skill could help us to keep and build our relationship. There are so many thing to learn on 'people skill', but if your main purpose is to keep and/or build a good relationship you just need to considered two rules of it. Let’s go to the first one.

#1 Cares to listen

Just a piece of cake, am I right? Sure all of us know this thing but the problem is how many of us could apply it well. Large numbers or few?

Now here is a little test. Try to remind someone from your circumstance who used to be a good listener. When you talk or share something, you fully trust and feel comfort. Do you like him/her? If you like, is that doesn't mean he/she have a good relationship with you.

Now why don't we change the position? Positioning us became a care listener. Did everyone could like us? If everyone like us is that mean that we have a good relationship? We go to the next rule now.

#2 Keep the 1st one well.

No need to confuse for other rules. Just keep the 1st one well. Deeply inside, most people have lots of thing to share. It can be good thing and/or the opposite but it doesn't matter. They need to be heard. Being heard is kind of appreciated and sure everyone love to be appreciated.

If you care to listen, automatically it shown on your face, eyes and body. Even without responding, the one who speak to you could feel it. You make them feel comfort, appreciated. You build trust and that’s mean you on your way to build good relationship with other people. Cares of listen is a golden rule. Keep practicing sure will make it perfect.