# 3 reasons why Newbies Stop Blogging

#1. I am not 'good enough'
Problem: Believe that you and your blog are not generous enough and good enough. Low self-esteem often causes you to compare your blog to others and find it lacking somehow.

Solution: Instead comparing, you can choose to learn from other bloggers how they manage and build their blogs. Why other successful blogger want to share their experiences? They ever stand on your position and they just like you when they started their blog.

#2. No more room for new blog

Problem: Finding huge numbers of competitor blog’s with the same interested niches.

Solution: Consider that there are no competitors in this blogosphere until you make them as your competitor. Each blog and blogger has difference styles. This thing makes one and another supporting each other when giving information.

#3 ‘It is too good to be true’ to be success with blog.

Problem: This belief strongly influent by pessimist without 'understanding' circumstance and usually exists because a person is used to having things go wrong all the time and its planted on your mind without consideration.

Solution: 'Without offense', plant new seed of optimistic on your mind. How to plant it? Without discussing it with mis-understanding people is the first step to plant new seed of optimistic. Keep learning constantly to other successful blogs and bloggers.