# How to Make a Simple Goal Setting

Many people only think about goal-setting on New Year's Day. While New Year's resolutions are a good idea--if you can stick to them--smaller, more frequent goals are an even better idea. Plus, meeting weekly goals moves you closer to your monthly and yearly goals.

1. Choose an organizational method. You can record your daily goals in a computer spreadsheet program, in a fancy leather-bound planner or in a simple spiral notebook. The important thing is keeping it all in one place, so that you can review past weeks' goals at a glance.

2. Select a day and time to list your weekly goals. Keep that day and time consistent from week to week. When recording your weekly goals becomes a matter of habit, you won't forget to do it.

3. Think about your weekly goals realistically. You may make the big sale in a week, but you can work toward that goal by marketing and researching. Factor in events that might take up a lot of your time, like client lunches or doctor's appointments.

4. Consider the big picture. Your weekly goals should break your monthly goals down into manageable portions. Similarly, you can meet your weekly goals by accomplishing your daily goals.

5. Reward yourself for meeting weekly goals. Enjoy a leisurely dinner on Friday or get a massage on Saturday afternoon. You're more likely to strive toward your goals when there's something you can look forward to at the end of the week.

Source: Ehow.com

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