# 3 Life Lessons Lies Behind Pencils

All of us sure already know that pencil is a very helpful writing tool. According to Wikipedia, the word pencil comes from the Latin word penicillus which means "little tail". The first kind of pencil may have been the ancient Roman stylus, which was a thin metal stick used for scratching on papyrus.

Beside helpful, there are also some interesting lessons hiding behind this writing tool. What are those? Alright, let’s straightly move to the first hiding lesson…

1. Like pencil, painful sharpening serves should not be complained. That is a process to make us become a better person. Our difficult times can actually sharpen our skills and shape us become stronger to living this life.

2. Same as pencil, we should believe that we can do great things when we allowed and let ourselves to be held in Someone's hand.

3. With pencil, we can leave any mark whenever we want. As living this live, we are leaving memories to every person who came into our life. And that is our own responsibility to leave good memories or the other side.

Alright, from now when we use a pencil, try to stop and think about that little writing tool for a moment. Beside useful, this little writing tool already taught us some good lessons about living this life.

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